About Starlight

We’re like you. We’re roll-off guys. We run the largest independent roll-off company in the Rocky Mountains, out of Denver, Colorado. We’re also software developers.

We didn’t want to do this. We were already busy, building a bigger roll-off company. We searched the industry hard for over a year, looking for a solution to properly manage the assets, the service levels we wanted and the customer engagement that we needed. We finally just had to build it ourselves.

We’ve created the best product available anywhere to manage your roll-off business.

Starlight is built by industry veterans to provide significantly better management of your trucks and drivers, real-time control of your assets, and world-class engagement with customers.


Roll-off done right, is our mission. It’s always been our mission. Starting as a roll-off company ourselves allowed us to build a software solution that caters to the unique needs and demands of the roll-off industry. We don’t just understand roll-off, we live it. Starlight’s purpose is to help roll-off companies optimize operations and maximize profits by streamlining processes like real-time dispatch, contractor and driver apps with up to the minute information, and order submittal and invoices that customers can reach and manage on their phones. Everything we do is to help your roll-off business grow.

Transparent: Everything we do is about transparency. Our software allows you to know where your trucks, containers and drivers are at all times. Your business becomes operationally transparent overnight, allowing you to manage your business the way you always wanted to.

Customer Focused: Focusing on the customer is what makes us who we are. Starlight was built from a roll-off company, and we were our own first customer. We don’t need to anticipate what our customers need, because we are living it every day, and believe that helps us make the best software for roll-off possible.

Listen first, then listen more: We thrive on improving our software and making it the best it can be. Whether that means listening to customers about added features that will make their job easier or listening to our employees about how to make our own company better, we are all ears.