We’re Roll-Off Guys

We’re like you. We’re roll-off guys. We run the largest independent roll-off company in the Rocky Mountains, out of Denver, Colorado. We’re also software developers.







Hauls per day:


Starlight’s roots are in the roll-off waste industry. Our founder, Bill Bradley, founded 5280 Waste Solution in Denver, CO in 2012. His background is in software, so he immediately recognized that there was nothing in the industry that served all the needs of a roll-off company. There were lots of products for residential and commercial hauling, but nothing other than fragmented parts of solutions for roll-off. He observed every roll-off company doing their own job of assembling partial solutions into an inefficient Frankenstein monster of technology .

So, he decided to build it.

5280 Waste Solutions is customer number #1 for Starlight. Since 2012, 5280 Waste Solutions has rapidly grown from 6 trucks into the largest independent roll-off company in Denver with over 33 trucks running 275+ hauls per day, and utilizing over 1,600 containers. 5280 Waste Solutions offers Starlight a great way to test the new and improved features of the software, they use Starlight to handle all dispatching, invoicing, and live container tracking. The Starlight mobile order and driver apps have allowed 5280 Waste Solutions to become the most responsive roll-off company in the Denver area. The competitive edge is undeniable, and profitable.

Due to the tight integration between the two companies, Starlight can implement and test new features seamlessly so when they roll out to the larger roll-off market they have been tested by a bonified leader in the roll-off industry. We understand the unique challenges of the roll-off trash industry because we live and breathe it.


Roll-off done right, is our mission. It’s always been our mission. Starting as a roll-off company ourselves allowed us to build a software solution that caters to the unique needs and demands of the roll-off industry. We don’t just understand roll-off, we live it. Starlight’s purpose is to help roll-off companies optimize operations and maximize profits by streamlining processes like real-time dispatch, contractor and driver apps with up to the minute information, and order submittal and invoices that customers can reach and manage on their phones. Everything we do is to help your roll-off business grow.