We Wear Two Hats

We’re roll-off guys just like you.
We run the largest independent roll-off company in the Rocky Mountains.

And we’re also software developers –
we put our experience to work for you in Starlight.

Running your roll-off company is difficult.  We know.  We run one.

We couldn’t get the control we wanted of our containers and our drivers.  We couldn’t get accuracy and efficiency in our customer service operations.  And we didn’t have the sales connection to our customers that gave us significant competitive advantage.

But now we do.  We started a revolution.  Join us.

5280 Waste Solutions, Unlimited Growth

Bill Bradley founded 5280 Waste Solutions, his roll-off company in Denver, CO in 2012.    Today it is the largest independent roll-off company in Colorado, running 33 trucks and fielding more than 1,600 containers with as many as 315 hauls per day. 5280 Waste is distinguished in the Rocky Mountain marketplace as the high service/high touch hauler,  providing just-in-time, on-demand responses to contractors and other customers.

Early on, Bill recognized the complex, on-demand nature of roll-off would create operational challenges that could cap his growth. He understood roll-off haulers needed real-time information to manage inventory, handle traffic and order fluctuations, and to communicate with customers and drivers.  The key was software to provide information visibility to run the business efficiently and profitably.

Before Starlight, the only software available for residential and commercial hauling were fragmented solutions.  Roll-off haulers had to purchase software from multiple companies to piece together a patchwork of disjointed technology with limited support options.  In other words, it was a bad situation.

Bill Bradley, A Software Guy

An all-in-one solution that synced in real-time and managed all aspects of the hauling process.  A system that would adapt on the fly, in a constantly changing, dynamic environment. That is what Bill wanted.

Drawing on his software background, Bill designed Starlight, and got exactly what he wanted, and what the industry needs.

His roll off business 5280 Waste became an incubator – using operations within the company; developers rode in trucks, sat in dispatch, answered phones, took orders, and worked with contractors in the field.  This hands-on approach created a program that solves the unique real-word problems faced by roll-off haulers across the country.

Multiple interconnected modules create a thread that links customers to sales and customer service reps to dispatch, dispatch  to drivers, drivers to live container inventory, work orders to billing and billing to accounting. All at once. The systems run live, synchronously as one single organic entity from one end to the other delivering a seamless experience.

Starlight provides haulers with coordinated control of container inventory, pending work, changing work, truck and driver status, documentation and just-in-time customer requests.  Real-time dispatch, contractor and driver apps with up to the minute information, and order submittal and invoices that customers can reach and manage on their phones, providing a 5-star customer experience.

The Starlight Mission

With Starlight, roll-off companies optimize operations and maximize profits by streamlining processes and focusing on customers.

5280 Waste Solutions experienced extremely rapid growth.  Numbers tell the story;

10-20% more paid hauls per truck per day







Hauls per day:


Starlight is Roll-off Done Right©, made by roll-off guys just like you.

Starlight was built using our experience as roll-off operators, made for the unique needs and demands of the roll-off industry.