Roll-off done right…with real time data

The only roll-off software built by a roll-off hauler.

Roll-off done right…with real time data

Roll-off done right…with real time data

The only roll-off software built by a roll-off hauler.

Roll-off done right…with real time data

Benefits of Starlight

  • 10-20% more paid hauls per truck per day
  • Granular tracking and auto-billing for wait times, over-weights, load contamination, and more
  • Accurate container availability via GPS tracking of containers / dumpsters
  • Real-time tracking of roll-off driver location and order status using only a smartphone app
  • Contractors enter & manage roll-off orders via smartphone app
  • Visual, map-based roll-off truck dispatch from anywhere
  • Effortless customer management with tracking of pricing, preferences, reminders, driver notes and more
  • C&D recycling center / transfer station functionality and integration

The Features of Starlight

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Contractor Mobile App

Your customers can order services, manage account info, and see billing details and weight tickets from anywhere 24×7. Customers can store multiple jobsite addresses, run LEED reports, receive invoices and choose to receive automated order-on-way text messages.

Map-Based Dispatch

Real-time, map-based roll-off dispatch to react to same-day orders, traffic, customer issues, and equipment problems. Two additional paid hauls per truck per day while optimizing disposal costs. Enables driver friendly workload balancing to retain the best drivers and minimize overtime.

Live Container Tracking

Track and maintain a 100% accurate container / dumpster / debris box inventory with next availability based on scheduled pickups and deliveries. Know where your cans are… in storage yards, at customer sites, and even on the back of your trucks.

Driver Mobile App

Your drivers are connected in real-time with dispatch to receive work orders and changes. The app guides each driver through the work day and tracks location and status on each order. Automatically capture accurate & complete billing information (wait time, blocked container, overweight, etc.) and receive customer photos specifying container placement.

Service, Order & Billing: Easy & Configurable Service

Configurable order entry, sales order creation, scheduling, payment receipt by credit card, payment application by check, invoice and statement creation with full backup, customer profiling including customized pricing for each, and more. Starlight software let’s you manage your Roll-off company the way you want.

C&D Recycling / Transfer Station / MRF

Software supporting all operational, financial and reporting (LEED) details for recycling center / transfer station operation with data capture and reporting of material by customer, job-site, material, or hauler. Integrates with hauling, scale & accounting systems software.

Accounting Integration

Customer account and order line-item detail automatically sync’d to accounting systems for accurate financials and account-level and service-level profitability analysis.

Contractor App

The Starlight Contractor app allows you to offer a level of customer service no other roll-off company can. It allows your customers to manage everything at their fingertips from their mobile phone. Anytime, anywhere. They can easily see and manage orders, job sites, invoices, and reporting.

Order On The Go

Your customers can place orders from their mobile phone or tablet. Anytime. From Anywhere.

Job Site Management

Your customers can view all the information about each job site they operate. Both orders and invoicing can be broken down by job site.

View Invoices

Your customers can view and pay invoices from their phone.

Contractor App
Driver App

Driver App

The Starlight Driver app allows you to get new and updated orders to your drivers in real-time. You can add hauls, adjust routes, and change orders, and your drivers will get the info they need in real-time, so every order is correct, and on-time. Driver app logs arrival time, job start time, and stores pictures of each container delivered and dropped off. This easy to use app instantly boosts your level of customer satisfaction.

Map-Based Visual Dispatch

Dispatch can adjust routes to the drivers in real-time

Live Inventory Tracking

Drivers log every step of the process with location tagging and pictures of containers picked up and dropped off

Location Tracking

Driver app tracks truck time and location, whether on the road or on the job site; you know if a driver is running late or can take a new order

Roll-off software done right

With Starlight you can maximize efficiency and profits like you never have before. Starlight allows you to manage your trucks and inventory in real-time using visual map-based dispatch. You can offer your customers a seamless order and invoice experience on their phone, 24 hours a day. Starlight has enabled Roll-off haulers to increase their profit by up to 15% and add 1-2 hauls per day. Watch this video to learn more!

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